Things to do in Ayodhya

Ayodhya, a place where many religions found spiritual housing like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, etc. That is why Ayodhya has always been referred with great respect and regard by the people of this country. There is another why this place is most regarded among the people of the Hindu community because Lord Rama was born here in the 7th century and spent most of his days of youth here. There are numerous places to visit, shop, enjoy some fun activities, and eat some famous Indian delicacies in Ayodhya.

Below, is the list of eight things to do in Ayodhya during your next visit.

A Walk Down the History lane at Ramkatha Museum

There are many among us who likes to walk some roads leading to history and reading into historical work. Ramkatha Museum is one such place in Ayodhya exhibiting some centuries old arts and artifacts. You may see some old coins, palm tree manuscripts, rare pottery collection, some centuries old paintings in this museum.

The museum authority also organizes an event every day except Mondays where people perform for a skit depicting the life journey of Lord Rama based on the Hindu epic ‘Ramcharitmanas’.

Admire the Awadhi Architectural design at Bahu Begum Ka Maqbara

Ayodhya is also home to ‘Taj Mahal of the East’, a very fine mausoleum which nearly designed in a way that its appearance has a resemblance to the famous Taj Mahal. So, it is a very beautiful architecture that may require your visit if you have a soft corner for architectural design. During the Mughal period in India, Nawab Shuja-Ud-Daula gifted this monumental architecture to his wife.

It has a similar dome-like structure which is very beautifully carved and will also present you a perfect example of Awadhi architectural intelligence.

Get a Taste of Indian As well as Italian Cuisines at Awantika

If you are looking for a very hip place, where you can indulge in various different types of delectable cuisines and dishes from Chinese to Indian to Italian, then head over to Awantika. Here, you can enjoy the funky ambiance which you have been looking to relish amidst the deep Indian culture of Ayodhya. The restaurant is located near Faizabad bus stand, opposite of Bharat Petroleum.

You can choose from a variety of dishes but if you are looking for a certain kind of recommendation which everyone suggests then, order a special thali.

Shop for Souvenirs at Tehri Bazaar

There are many of us who always look for souvenir one every trip as a token of memory then, head over to Tehri bazaar where you can find Indian jewelry as well as traditional clothing. You may find that the area is in the development zone but still try to dive deeper into this bazaar’s winding lanes. There are many cultural things you will find here at this bazaar that would interest you.

You can also shop for some spiritual collection from here and special organic products for your loved ones.

Enjoy The Peaceful Harmony at Dashrath Bhavan

Dashrath Bhavan is one such place in Ayodhya where one can enjoy the old folklore culture and tradition of India. After you cross the colorful entrance of this palace, you will find yourself walking in a peaceful courtyard. In that courtyard, ahead of admiring the peaceful lush green beauty, you can also see some musicians playing the old folklore music.

The Bhavan premises is only accessible from dawn till dusk and you will also some saints rounding its premises.

Get all kinds of spiritual at Ram Janam Bhoomi

Ram Janam Bhoomi is the place because of which Ayodhya is very famous among the Hindu community. As per the Hindu epic, Lord Rama was born at this very place in the 7th century and it was the main reason why it is also highly revered among the people of India. Ram Janam Bhoomi witness thousands of pilgrims every day if reports are to be believed so you may have to spend hours here in order to see the main place because of the frequent mob.

There is a very tight security here at this place so the security officials won’t allow you to take anything inside except your identity card and money.

Attend the Annual Fair During Ram Navami

Since Lord Rama was born here, there is an annual fair being hosted in this city during his birthday where a mass of holy visitors get together to celebrate his birth with great zeal. The festival takes place On April every year and that needs to be kept in mind if your planning to visit the city. Who knows that apart from walking down the historical lanes of Lord Rama, you may also get to enjoy the rich Indian culture of India on Ram Navami?

Here at this fair, you can get a free ticket to witness the Indian culture and to savor its street food culture also. You also get to enjoy some shopping because here you can easily find those rare souvenirs.

Pay your heartily homage at Hanuman Garhi

Hanuman Garhi is the second most visited temple in Ayodhya which is visited by numerous pilgrims on a daily basis with a purposeful wish. In order to reach the temple’s premise, you will have to climb around 76 steps because the temple is located over a mound. Since hundreds of pilgrims visit this temple every day, so you may have to go through a long hustle in order to see the deity’s face.

There is also gossip that surrounds this temple that nobody goes without a fulfilling wish from this temple. That is why many pilgrims come to this temple with a mere hope of finding the answer to their wishes.

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